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Online Courses

The official Cub Scouting training courses are online, video-based, and can be completed at your convenience. The courses are part of adult leadership position training plans, but several are also applicable for new parents that are interested in learning more about the Cub Scout program.

Follow the instructions below to access to online training materials:

  1. Create an account at my.Scouting
  2. Access the BSA Learn Center and log in using your new my.Scouting account
  3. Complete the following courses by clicking the Launch button below, then click the Enroll button on the course page > and then click the Start button on the course page to being the training course:

What is Cub Scouting?

This module provides an overview of the Cub Scouting program and reviews the leadership positions and related roles and responsibilities.

(12 minutes)

CS19 Pack Structure

In this module, we will discuss these volunteer positions and the roles they play in the pack as well as describe several pack and den structures.
(8 minutes)

CS19 Aims and Methods of Cub Scouting

This module will help you identify and define those aims and the methods employed as part of the Cub Scout program.
(6 minutes)

CS19 Cub Scout Uniforms

The Scout uniform is one of the seven methods of Cub Scouting used to support the values embodied in the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
(5 minutes)

CS19 Advancement

This module will help you understand what advancement is and the important role it plays in Cub Scouting. It will also provide you with a basic understanding of what rank each grade level works on as well as how that rank is earned.
(10 minutes)

Youth Protection

Scouting is fun, engaging, and exciting, but even more importantly than those, Scouting must be safe for everybody, at all levels, at all times, for all reasons. Nearly all youth programs now require some sort of youth protection training for adult volunteers, but Scouting BSA was the first to develop and implement such a program. Youth Protection establishes the guidelines for youth safety and adult interaction, including the following key items:

  • Scout Buddy System – Scouts should always have a buddy when going places and participating in activities in order to watch out for each other, give aid if needed, and speak up if one is missing.
  • Two Deep Leadership – There must always be at least two registered adult leaders that have completed the Youth Protection training present at all events. No Scout should ever be alone with a single adult (the exception being the Scout’s parent). This extends into the digital space as all communications between youth and adults should include at least two adults, preferably including the Scout’s parent.
  • Female Adult Leaders – At least one registered and trained female adult leader must be present at all events or activities that involve female Scouts.

All registered adult leaders have passed a criminal background check, have been approved by the unit charter representative, and are required to complete the Youth Protection Training (YPT). YPT is not just for registered adult leaders. Parents may also voluntarily complete the training. This is an excellent way to learn more about the Youth Protection guidelines and become an active participant. The training takes about 72 minutes and can be completed online by doing the following:

  1. Go to my.Scouting and login using your Scoutbook account. If you don’t yet have a Scoutbook account, you will need to use the Create Account button on the left side to create a new account because the training is linked to each person’s account.
  2. Click on the Youth Protection logo (either English or Spanish) on the right side to access the training.
  3. The YPT includes three modules (Overview And Policies, Sexual Abuse, and Bullying) that must be completed and then there is a short YPT Certification test. The training modules can be completed all at once, or you can return and complete each module individually as time permits. You will receive a Youth Protection certification (valid for two years) once all three modules have been reviewed and the certification test has been passed.
  4. To verify your Youth Protection status, log into my.Scouting and then click on Menu → My Training. The main page includes a My Youth Protection Training section that includes your YPT Status which will show ACTIVE if you have completed the training, passed the certification test, and are current (YPT is valid for two years). The dates that the YPT was completed and expires will also be listed as well as an option to print the certificate.