Budget (DRAFT)

Pack 20 Madeira believes in financial transparency. Is is extremely important that families and Pack Leadership understand how the money being raised through fundraising efforts is spent. The goal is that as much money as possible is used to directly benefit the Scouts. Any general Pack expenses (i.e., overhead) should be kept to a minimum.

How much money does the Pack earn from the popcorn sale?

The Pack conducted its Annual Popcorn Fundraiser sale in late Fall 2022, to raise funds for the 2022-2023 year. This is currently the ONLY way that the Pack earns money to pay for all of the the expenses associated with the program and activities for the entire year. It is extremely important to note that the Pack only earns about 33%** of the retail value/sales price of the popcorn that is sold. The remainder goes to the Trail’s End (the manufacturer and popcorn program administrator) and Dan Beard Council (DBC, the local BSA Council) to fund its programs, camps, and more. The chart below shows the distribution of popcorn profits based on the selling price:

**Unsold represents inventory that was purchased by the Pack and not returned within the deadline to do so, thereby representing a loss of profit.

How is the money being spent during the year?

The guiding principle for for the Pack budget is that the majority of the money earned by the Scouts should be spent items that directly benefit them within the fiscal year that it was earned and that the distribution be as equitable as possible across the Pack, Dens, and Scouts. Indirect expenses should be kept to a minimum (10%-15%).

Expense Categories

Direct Benefit to Scouts

  • Activities –  Items for Pack activities and events. Examples: Craft projects, event fees, food/refreshments, rentals, services.
  • Den Expenses – Items for Den activities and adventures. Examples: Activity fees, craft projects, food/refreshments.
  • Scholarships – Money set aside to assist Scouts and families that may encounter a financial hardship. Every Scout should have the same opportunity to participate regardless of financial means.
  • Scout Materials – Mostly includes Advancement costs such as Adventure loops, rank badges, and other awards.

Inirect Benefit to Scouts

  • Pack Expenses – Items associated with running the Pack (e.g., general overhead). Examples: Adult volunteer registration fees, adult training fees, general supplies, website.

What about the yearly registration fee that is paid for each Scout?

The fees associated with new membership applications (pro-rated) and the annual registration (i.e., rechartering) for existing members are paid directly to the national BSA and the local Council. The Pack does NOT receive a portion of those fees. In 2022, the Pack did add a modest “Dues” fee ($6.00) to cover processing fees associated with collecting and paying the yearly registration fees. The chart below shows how the annual registration fee is distributed:

Are there additional out-of-pocket expenses for families?

Yes, the following items are not included in the annual Pack budget and must be paid by the families:

  • Annual BSA Registration (refer to previous section)
  • Scout Life Magazine (OPTIONAL)
  • Scout Uniform
  • Scout Handbook
  • Den Events/Activities (beyond what is included in the budget)
  • Pack Events/Activities (beyond what is included in the budget)
  • District and Council Events/Activities
  • Summer Camp

Is it possible to see the actual budget?

Absolutely! Below is the revised budget for the current fiscal year (July 2022–⁠July 2023):

Who can I contact for questions or concerns?

Please use the form below to contact the Pack 20 Treasurer for any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the Pack budget or other financial-related topics. The Pack Leadership and families are all one big team that must work together to deliver the best possible program and experience for the Scouts. Pack financial health is an important topic and ongoing discussion and suggestions for improvements are welcomed.