Tiger – First Grade

First grade girls and boys work toward the Tiger rank. Tiger Scouts get to play games, make fun things, learn about wildlife, spend lots of time outside, and best of all – have fun! Tiger rank is earned by first completing the Bobcat Badge, followed by six required adventures, at least one elective adventure, and the safety exercises listed. Each adventure is designed to help the Scout have fun and learn useful things. Tiger Scouts must be accompanied by a parent on legal guardian at all Scouting activities.

Tiger Rank

Tiger Rank Requirements

1. Complete all six required adventures

  1. Bobcat (Character & Leadership)
  2. Team Tiger (Citizenship)
  3. Tiger Bites (Personal Fitness)
  4. Tiger Circles (Family & Reverence)
  5. Tiger’s Roar (Personal Safety)
  6. Tigers in the Wild (Outdoors)

2. Complete at least two elective adventures

* These adventures can only be completed at a Council-supported activity, such as Family Adventure Camp, Cub Scout Summer Camp, or Day Camp as they require certified instructors to deliver the adventure in a safe environment.


Tiger Scouts wear the official navy blue Cub Scout Youth Uniform Shirt and a Cub Scout Cut-To-Fit Uniform Web Belt.

  • It is recommended that you purchase the official shirt for your Scout in-person at the Dan Beard Council Scout Shop as the shirt will come with the American Flag patch, official Dan Beard Council patch, and World Crest Emblem patch pre-placed. It may also include the 1910 World Crest Ring Emblem patch, which is optional. You will just need to additionally purchase the red numerals for 20, which refers to Pack 3020 and is placed directly below the Dan Beard Council patch on the left sleeve. The appropriate Cub Scout Den Numeral patch that would be placed under the American Flag on the right sleeve is optional.
  • It is best to purchase the shirt a few sizes too large so that your Scout can ideally wear it for the next four years, until graduating to a Scouts BSA Troop.
  • The Cub Scout Web Belt is purposely sold long so that it can be cut-to-fit for your Scout. Leave the belt 25%-33% longer then necessary so that it will still be large enough as the Scout grows. Additional length can always be cut off, if necessary, but not added back!
  • Official Cub Scout uniform pants/shorts/skorts, socks, Tiger Uniform Cap, Tiger Neckerchief, and Tiger Neckerchief Slide are all optional.
  • Please refer to the Uniform FAQ for additional information.


The Cub Scout Tiger Handbook and Adult Partner Guide contains the official Tiger handbook for the Scout, the Adult Partner Guide, and the How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide pamphlet. It is highly recommended that these books be purchased for the Scout to use during the Tiger year.


Den 3 (boys and girls)

Den Activities

  • Den 3 typically meets on the first and second Tuesday of the month from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at MSPC.
  • To receive a copy of the 2024-2025 Tiger Adventure Calendar, please contact one of the Den Leaders below
Den 3 Patch

Den Leadership

Den Leaders

Den Leader Emblem

Luke Charleton

Joseph Singer

Mark Zara

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We need your help! If you’d be interested in becoming an adult leader to help the Den or Pack 20, please send a message to the Den Leaders or contact the Pack using the button below and we can arrange a time to meet and answer any questions that you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!