Lion – Kindergarten

Kindergartners work toward the Lion rank. The Lion program forms a strong foundation for a lifetime of fun and meaningful family adventures. There are twelve adventures in the Lion program. There are five adventures required for the Lion to earn the Lion badge. The required adventures help the Scouts explore important Scouting ideas. The remaining seven adventures are known as elective adventures. Each adventure is designed to help the Scout have fun and learn useful things. There is no required order for the adventures. Although participation with an adult partner is required for all Lion awards, recognition items are for the Scouts only. 

Lion Rank


Lion Uniform T-Shirt

Lion Scouts wear the official Cub Scout Lion Rank Uniform T-Shirt, Youth. All other Lion Rank Uniform items (e.g., Lion Rank Uniform Cap, Cub Scout Uniform Web Belt, Cub Scout Uniform Shirt and/or Bottoms are OPTIONAL.


Lion Kit

The Cub Scout Lion Kit contains a parent guide, youth activity book, and sticker sheet for the Lion program. It is highly recommended that this item be purchased for the Scout to use during the Lion year.

Lion Rank Requirements

2. Complete the How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse activities

Den X (boys and girls – adult partner required)