Cub Scout Summer Camp

Pack 20 Madeira has reserved 50 Scout and 40 Adult spots for Dan Beard Council (DBC) Cub World Adventure Camp 2023!


Any Cub Scout that will be in First through Fifth Grades for the 2023-2024 school year. 

New Lion Scouts that will be starting Kindergarten CANNOT attend Summer Camp this year.


10:00 am on Sunday, 7/16/2023, through 8:00 pm on Tuesday, 7/18/2023 (3 Days/2 Nights)


  • Scout = $221.45 ($215.00 + 3% Council processing fee)
  • Adult = $82.40 ($80.00 + 3% Council processing fee); Sorry, no free slushies for adults.

Registration fees must be paid before 3/29/2023, to reserve the spot(s) and get a free VIP cup and FREE SLUSHIES for the Scout(s).

Note: Registrations and payments received after 3/29/2023, will not be eligible to get the free slushies. 😢

Use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page to inquire
about registering for Summer Camp after 3/29/2023.

All the fun of Summer Camp packed into 3 days of adventure!

Camping at the Cub Scout level introduces boys and girls to the outdoors and helps them develop outdoor skills at an age-appropriate level that will be applied more thoroughly as a Scout in Scouts, BSA. As Cub Scouts progress, the opportunities for outdoor adventures become more challenging.

For those kids looking for the ultimate Cub Scout summer camp experience, this is it! This resident style camp is a three-day and two-night program with fun around every turn. Scouts will have a chance to realize their full potential while taking part in one-of-a kind activities. Experience all that Cub World has to offer. There are unique activities for all ages and camping ability. All Scouts and leaders will enjoy the accommodations at the Fort, the Castle, the Mountain Man Village, or the Miners Camp. Together with their Pack, den, and others their age, your youth will use the power of imagination to be swept away to another time and place. Activities include:

  • Swimming
  • Shooting Sports
  • Archery
  • Nature Hikes
  • Handicraft Adventures
  • Outdoor Skills Demonstrations
  • Fishing
  • Campfire program
  • Cub Scout advancements that fit your rank

The structure of the Adventure Camp schedule is made to highlight the joys of experiencing camp with the Pack! The Unit-based rotation system will allow your Scouts to do all the things they love about a traditional Cub World session while keeping your Pack together for activities, rather than be split by rank. This provides even more fun and bonding time for your Pack during your session.

Adults at Camp

  • For a current Lion Scout becoming a Tiger Scout for 2023-2024, a parent/guardian MUST attend Cub Camp with the Scout.
  • Cub Camp requires 1 adult for every 5 Cubs with a minimum of 2 adults per Pack.
  • ALL adults attending Cub Camp must have completed Youth Protection Training before arriving at camp. Proof of such is required at check-in. Please complete the free online training course and send proof of completion (PDF copy of the certificate) to the Pack 20 Advancement Chair, and print a copy to bring to camp with you. For more information, refer to YOUTH PROTECTION.
  • Adults attending the Webelos Camp for 72 hours or more (non-consecutive) must be both registered as an Adult Leader with the BSA and have completed Youth Protection Training before arriving at camp. Proof of such is required at check-in.
Youth Protection Emblem

Additional Information

DBC Camp Refund Policy: The Dan Beard Council will refund all but 20% of fees paid per participant for those who fill out the 2023 Summer Camp Refund Request form no later than 30 days prior to arrival at camp. No refunds will be given after the 30-day cancellation deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a Scout does not have to camp overnight in order to attend Summer Camp. Instead, the Scout can be dropped off by 8:00 am each morning and picked up by 8:00 pm each evening. Please contact the Pack 20 Activities Chair to make the necessary arrangements. It's okay for the Scout to just attend day camp, or only camp one night, or even leave during the day and come back any time. This flexibility is important for the younger Scouts who may get tired, overwhelmed, home sick, etc. There is a simple check-in/check-out process so that leaders can be accountable for who is on-site.
Yes, Pack 20 requires that a parent/guardian be present with all Scouts that are camping overnight with the Pack at Summer Camp.
All campers and leaders arriving at camp at some time other than check-in must sign-in at the Administration Building and get a camp ID bracelet. It is also important that any leader being replaced checks out. We must know who is at camp at all times. Everyone in camp will be given a camp ID bracelet to be worn at all times. All visitors must sign in and sign out. Any visitor who has not registered may be asked to leave camp. It is important for safety that we know who is visiting our camp and when. Visitors who intend to eat a meal at camp must purchase a meal ticket at the camp office. Meal rates are as follows: Breakfast - $6; Lunch - $7; Dinner - $8. All adult visitors must complete Youth Protection Training and provide proof to attend.
Yes, Scouts can be registered to attend Summer Camp after the 3/29/2023, but will NOT receive the free VIP cup and slushies. This is a Council-provided benefit for registering and paying early, so please be aware of it in case this is important to you and your Scout!
Yes! If a family is unable to attend during the Pack's session, or wants to attend additional sessions, they should sign-up directly at Each Scout is required to have a parent/guardian attend the entire time the Scout is on-site. The parent(s) must also complete Youth Protection Training. If your preferred session isn't available, try again in early April as the Pack reservations are released and more spots may become available; the free slushie option will not be available if registered in April or after.


Please use the form below to send any other questions to the Pack 20 Activities Coordinator: