BSA Cub Scout Pack #3020 serves Madeira, Ohio and the surrounding area. It’s official unit number is Pack #3020, but it is generally known as just Pack #20 locally.

Pack 20 Madeira is a volunteer-run organization supported by both Scouting America, previously known as the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), and the local Dan Beard Council (DBC). The Pack is chartered by Madeira Silverwood-Presbyterian Church (MSPC) and is over 80 years old.

Membership is available to boys and girls in grades Kindergarten through fifth, although Cub Scouting is a family activity and siblings and other family members are encouraged to attend all events and meetings. It’s also important to note that it’s not necessary to be a resident of Madeira in order to join Pack 20. Membership is open to anybody in the area, so friends and families from other neighborhoods that may be interested in participating with you are welcome to join. It’s never too late to start!

Pack Leadership

The adult volunteers that make up the Pack Leadership work directly with the Scouts and their families to deliver the Cub Scout program.

Cubmaster Emblem



Works with both Cub Scouts and den leaders, providing direction, coaching, and support. The Cubmaster has three primary roles:
(1) Run the monthly Pack meeting; (2) Work with the Pack Committee and Pack Leaders to plan and carry out the Pack program; and (3) Make sure Scouts are having their needs met and are having fun!

Assistant Cubmaster


Helps the Cubmaster deliver the promise of Scouting, filling in when needed, and helping carry out the Pack program.

Charter Organization Representative


Serves as the liaison between the Charter Organization (Madeira Silverwood-Presbyterian Church) and the Pack; ensures all adult leaders serve the best interests of the Charter Organization and the BSA.

Den Leaders


Leads the Den at weekly meetings and monthly Pack meetings, working directly with a specific age group of Cub Scouts. This is a very important position, as Den Leaders work with Scouts and their parents/guardians to help the Scouts learn and advance.

Assistant Den Leaders


Helps the Den Leader at meetings, including substituting leading the Den whenever necessary.

Den Chiefs


Den Chiefs are Scout BSA youth who assist a Cub Scout Den Leader. They are selected by their Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster, and approved by the Cubmaster and the Pack Committee for recommendation to the Den Leader. Den Chiefs help Cub Scouts advance through Cub Scout ranks and encourage Cub Scouts to join a Scout BSA Troop upon graduation.

Pack Committee

Every pack has a Pack Committee, which consists of at least three members (Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer). By handling administrative and support tasks, the Pack Committee allows the Cubmaster, Den Leaders, and Assistant Den Leaders to focus on working directly with the Cub Scouts. The Pack Committee is an opportunity to involve all adults in the family.

Pack Committee Emblem

Pack Committee Chair


Oversees the Pack Committee as it provides support to Den Leaders and Pack Membership to ensure a quality program; this position is appointed by the Chartered Organization.

Secretary – Communications


Records and shares notes of Pack Committee meetings, as well as ensures pack records are up-to-date.

Youth Protection Champion


Ensures that all Pack Leaders have completed Youth Protection Training, promote new initiatives, increase awareness, distribute materials, and monitor the unit’s Youth Protection strategy.

Advancement Coordinator


Manages advancements earned by the Scouts by assuring leaders are appropriately checking requirements, paperwork, and  entering into Scoutbook; purchasing and distributing Scout Shop supplies as needed for the Pack (badges, insignia, Scout handbooks, pins, awards, etc.); and arranging distribution at monthly Pack Meetings.

Training Chair


Learns about and promotes required training courses for Den Leaders and Pack Leaders (online and training seminars); courses are offered by the District and include “Fast Start” (online), New Leader Essentials and Leader Specific Training; assures the Pack’s training needs are met as required by the BSA.



Ensures that the Pack is financially sound and tracks income and expenditures; collects registration fees and activity fees as well as making the necessary expense reimbursements.

Recruiting – New Member Coordinator


Helps welcome and engage new youth and their families and make sure they have the information they need; informs families of adult volunteer needs and opportunities.

Fundraising Coordinator – Popcorn Kernel


Runs the annual popcorn fundraiser; gets the Cub Scouts excited and motivated to sell is by far the most important part of this role.

Activities Coordinator


Organizes and plans Pack outings, campouts, community service projects, as well as promoting and registering Scouts for Council camps.

Pinewood Derby Coordinator


Organizes and runs the annual Pack 20 Pinewood Derby and related activities such as kick-off meetings with the Dens, workshop days, weigh-in, and track setup and teardown; maintains the Pack’s Pinewood Derby track and equipment.

Members at Large


Assists the Pack Committee with any additional tasks, when needed.



Keeps Pack activities visible to the public, as well as to the families of the Pack, maintains the Pack website and social media accounts.

Religious Emblems Coordinator


Responsible for educating, motivating, evaluating, and expanding the usage of the religious emblems programs.

Pack Awards

Pack 3020 has earned the following award ribbons:

  • 2001 Cub Scout Adventure World Distinguished Honor Unit
  • 2001 Family Friends of Scouting
  • 2002 Cub Adventure World Distiguished Honor Unit
  • 2002 Cub Adventure World Participaing Unit
  • 2002 National Summertime Pack Award
  • 2002 Peterloon
  • 2002 Quality Unit Award
  • 2003 Cub Adventure World Participaing Unit
  • 2003 DBC Interplanitary Challenge
  • 2003 Quality Unit Award
  • 2004 National Summertime Pack Award
  • 2004 Quality Unit Award
  • 2005 Family Friends of Scouting Participation
  • 2005 National Summertime Pack Award
  • 2005 Quality Unit Award
  • 2006 Family Friends of Scouting Participation
  • 2006 National Summertime Pack Award
  • 2006 Quality Unit Award
  • 2007 Quality Unit Award
  • 2008 Centennial Quality Unit Award
  • 2009 100% Boys Life Unit
  • 2009 Centennial Quality Unit Award
  • 2011 Journey to Excellence (JTE) Gold
  • 2012 Cub Resident Camp Honor Unit
  • 2012 Peterloon
  • 2013 Journey to Excellence (JTE) Gold
  • 2014 Cub Resident Camp Honor Unit
  • 2014 Family Friends of Scouting Participation
  • 2014 Journey to Excellence (JTE) Gold
  • 2015 Cub Camp Adventures Honor Unit
  • 2015 Journey to Excellence (JTE) Gold
  • 2016 Cub Camp Adventures Honor Unit
  • 2017 Cub Camp Adventures Honor Unit
  • 2017 Family Friends of Scouting
  • 2018 Family Friends of Scouting
  • 2019 Cub World Adventures Honor Unit
  • 2019 Family Friends of Scouting
  • 2022 Family Friends of Scouting Unit Recognition
  • 2022 Journey to Excellence (JTE) Silver
  • 2023 Cub World Adventures Honor Unit
  • 2023 National Summertime Pack Award
  • 2023 Journey to Excellence (JTE) Gold
  • 2023-2024 Little Miami District Roundtable Participation Award

Pack 3020 has earned the following award ribbons:

  • National Summertime Pack Award
  • National Summertime Pack Award
  • National Summertime Pack Award
  • Family Friends of Scouting (100% Goal Achiever)